Stimmen zu COMPONEER

Dr. med. dent. Wolfram Olschowsky

"COMPONEER, ein genial einfach – ein einfach geniales System um Chairside Patientenerwartungen zu übertreffen. In 2–3 Stunden können Patienten ein neues Lächeln erhalten und dies zu einem unschlagbaren Preis. Erstmals kann so der ökonomische Benefit komplett in die Praxis integriert werden."

Dr. Marco Gresnigt

"When making multiple full composite veneers, tooth dimensions are sometimes difficult. What I like about COMPONEER concept is the prefabricated adjustible buccal layer. Individualisation is possible by simply adjusting the macro and micro structure on the composite laminate." (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Dr. Christoph Hüskens

"Es muss nicht immer Keramik sein. Mit COMPONEER gibt es ein Chairside Veneer aus vorgefertigtem Nanohybridkomposit. Dadurch sind gleichwertige direkte Restaurationen aus Komposit möglich geworden."

Dr. Dimitrios Kapagiannidis

"The COMPONEER esthetic method was approved as fast, easy, predicable and profitable. The most interesting fact is that all my restored individuals were impressed by the esthetic result. No complaints at all and I recommend my colleagues to attend a training seminar an test COMPONEER."
(nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Dr. Dobromir Dimov

"My impression of the system COMPONEER is that it is very simple and easy to use system with high aesthetic results, at low cost. Applicable in all cases in which we have indications for treatment with conventional veneers made in the laboratory, i.e. no restrictions on its use. The great advantage is that the patient leaves with a beautiful smile after his first visit in the clinic, i.e., no fingerprints, no laboratory and time saved. This in turn leads to lower costs for the patients and high aesthetics due to the individualization of each veneer. The bonding system of the veneer is safe and durable. I'm impressed by the combination of the positive aspects of the system, which makes it a unique alternative to direct composite restorations of front teeth and indirect facets." (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Dr. Valentin Kostov

"My personal experience in the restoration of front teeth with COMPONEER shows that the method is particularly indicated in cases of: disharmonies, partial fractures or eliminating unsightly restorations. The ease and convenience of the method associated with the experience of the dentist makes it extremely fast to restore aesthetics in the front. Concerning the bond system of COMPONEER I can say that it really is safe. I recommend it as a tool of choice in aesthetic restorations! COMPONEER is more safe, lighter and cheaper than the use of indirect veneers." (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Zahnarzt Seyed Reza Nazemian

"Kaum zu glauben, so ein tolles Ergebnis! Viele Patienten sind begeistert!"

Dr. Friederike Blickle

"Bei COMPONEER handelt es sich um eine hervorragende Alternative zu laborgefertigten Verblendschalen. Durch dieses System wird das "Lächeln to go" endlich Wirklichkeit."

Dr. Vladimir Minascurta

"COMPONEER  is suited for fast aesthetical and longlasting veneering (without dental labs' engagement). It is chromatically stable, yet easy to make adjustments if needed. Minimally invasive technique is used - which is a considerably benefit. COMPONEER is great to use for old composite restoration because of the layer thickness and because of reduced working time. Not to mention its economical accessibility!" (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Dr. Iren Palanska

"What I mostly liked about the idea of the composite veneers of COLTENE are the following things: easy handling, fast placement in just a few hours, the low cost and the wide range of cases that are covered. I, myself, was the first of my patients to have the veneers placed on. I was sincerely impressed by the idea of COMPONEER on the very first lecture course I visited. What really attracted me, was the easy way to work with them and the little time it takes to achieve a perfect result. The system can be used for a wide range of cases and the affordable price makes it an ideal solution for my patients and me. " (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Dr. Samardzhieva

"My work with COMPONEER was extremely useful and enjoyable. The final result is always impressive!" (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Dr. E.M. Sokolova

"What I can say from my experience with the COMPONEER system: “Perfect quality at best price. Sometimes patients want a quick change, and with composite veneers this is possible. The absence of laboratory stage is another advantage. Finally, the doctor and patient are satisfied." (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Dr. Stanislav Manolov

"My first contact with the COMPONEER system was a year ago, looking for an affordable alternative for ceramic veneers. At first, I was suspicious due to the fact it is a composite system, I had prejudices, I didn’t believe in the long-term aesthetic result. Once I tried, and since then it has been one year, I was convinced by the quality of the technology. And without a doubt, it can fulfill the emptiness between handmade composite veneers and ceramic ones." (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Dr. Tanya Dimitrova

"My patient walked out of the office wearing a Hollywood smile just in 4 hours!
It was a diastema closing of the six upper front teeth. The procedure took around 4 hours, most of the time spent on preparation, resizing, polishing and finishing. As a result, we achieved a homogeneous color, excellent shape and edge of the teeth. The universal shade is very close to the natural look of teeth and my patient walked out of the office wearing a Hollywood smile just in 4 hours!" (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Dr. Frengova

"From my work with the COMPONEER system so far, I dare to say that the costs for these veneers are truly justified and the product covers completely my expectations. This is a high quality product! My experience with COMPONEER has shown that final results are greater than the investments. My work with COMPONEER is very fluent and easy and patients are absolutely satisfied with the outcome." (nur in Englisch verfügbar)