Read what patients and treating dentists have said about COMPONEER.

How is COMPONEER applied?

With COMPONEER your dentist gives your face a beautiful smile in just one session. Gentle to the dental substrate and time-saving. COMPONEER is similar to artificial fingernails in use. But with a major difference: COMPONEER restorations
ensure an attractive appearance for many years.

And it is so easy:

The dentist checks the condition of your front teeth and advises you of the different treatment options.

In the case of treatment with COMPONEER, he recommends the shade and selects the suitable COMPONEER shape using a template.

Then he prepares your teeth for veneering with COMPONEER .

As the enamel shells are incredibly thin, your teeth only require minimal preparation.

Depending on the situation, no dental substrate is lost, or only very little.

Your dentist will now place the COMPONEER in the desired position using the same material from which the dentine shells are made and completes the final shaping of the teeth for you.

The COMPONEER is affixed firmly by polymerisation. Again, you now have the option of stating your wishes reagrding shape and length, and these can be implemented immediately.

The tooth is given its final shine with a thorough gloss polish.

And finished!

COMPONEER gives you beautiful teeth – a convincing and economically attractive solution. 
The smile to simply take away.